Video Voyagers

Imagine being paid to travel the world? It’s not all glamour for the top travel influencers — it takes work and skill to create digital content that gets you an audience and respect from brands.

Video Voyagers follows Canada’s leading travel vloggers as they show us how they make their living. We’ll go behind the scenes to see how they produce weekly, sometimes daily posts of their travel activities, often with no more than a camera and their personality. No film crew, no script.

That skill and experience will come in handy as Video Voyagers challenges them to help discover and mentor the next group of top travel influencers.

Video Voyagers is a 10-episode series that combines three unscripted genres: travel, documentary, and competition. They have three months to transform everyday people into travel influencers and start building an online audience. The final judges are you, the audience, who get to vote for your favourite videos.

Video Voyagers is currently in development.

Format: 8 x 44 reality game show