Work Play Vacay

Canadian YouTube vlogger Paula Hlavacek travels to Australia to discover interesting tourist attractions and unique jobs in tourism.

Each episode features Paula learning about some of the well-known — and lesser-known — tourist attractions. She hopes to meet travellers and locals who help make the local tourism industry a success. Combining participation journalism and travel entertainment, Work Play Vacay will show what it takes to be a part of Australia’s growing tourism industry.

With some luck, we’ll get Paula to try out a tourism job or two in between her travels. Paula’s specialty is finding some of the more unusual travel activities in the area so expect some thrills and fun.

Work Play Vacay – Australia

After shooting season one in July 2017, episodes of Work Play Vacay can now be viewed on YouTube.

From the beach to the hinterland, Work Play Vacay is different from typical travel shows by putting the audience behind the scenes in the tourism industry.

Please contact us at to learn how your destination can be featured in our future episodes.

Work Play Vacay can be viewed here.

Find out if Paula is brave enough to try the trapeze for the first time: