CrowdShot Media specializes in producing thought-provoking content for online and TV audiences. Our original unscripted productions aim to tell important stories to help people make better choices around the world.

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Piece by Piece

Piece by Piece is a one-hour documentary about the impact and aftermath of serious car crashes and how the RCMP’s Integrated Crash Analysis and Reconstruction Service (ICARS) plays a key role in determining a cause. This film will follow the investigation of a single crash, one of the 160,000 that occur each year in Canada.

The filmmakers hope to give the audience a better understanding how split-second decisions can lead to a fatal crash, such as this one that took the lives of two innocent people in 2018.

The documentary hopes to combine dramatizations, news media footage, surveillance footage, and first responder and ICARS team member interviews to bring this story to life. The filmmakers also hope to have the impacted families speak to the loss caused by this crash.

Format: 1-hour documentary, currently in development

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World School

Every year, thousands of Canadian teachers make an important decision in their careers and personal lives. They head overseas to teach at Canadian-style schools, even if it means sacrificing relationships and job opportunities at home. Why do they do it? What kinds of adventures do they encounter along the way? Will they survive their new surroundings?

World School travels to Malaysia to follow the story of a group of Canadian school teachers who teach at a Canadian-style high school in Kuala Lumpur. After their first year overseas, we find out who didn’t make it to the end, who made the most of their assignment, and who’s ready to stay for longer.

This documentary began production in April 2017 is expected to be completed by Spring 2020.

Format: 1-hour documentary; seeking distribution



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Based in Vancouver, Canada, CrowdShot Media started by producing travel content for international distribution. CrowdShot Media was founded in 2017 by award-winning journalist Reg Romero, who saw an opportunity combining ‘participation’ journalism with travel entertainment.  Reg is currently developing two documentaries for broadcast. Contact us at


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