CrowdShot Media specializes in producing short travel films for online distribution. Our original productions aim to tell entertaining stories of people working and traveling around the world.

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Sky’s the Limit

Imagine being paid to travel the world? It’s not all glamour for the top travel influencers — it takes work and skill to create digital content that gets you an audience and respect from brands.

Sky’s the Limit follows Canada’s leading travel vloggers as they show us how they make their living. We’ll go behind the scenes to see how they produce weekly, sometimes daily posts of their travel activities, often with no more than a camera and their personality. No film crew, no script.

That skill and experience will come in handy as Sky’s the Limit challenges them to help discover and mentor the next group of top travel influencers. They’ll go head-to-head in a talent search to audition candidates and have them create their own unique travel videos. They have three months to transform everyday people into travel influencers and start building an online audience. The final judges are you, the audience, who get to vote for your favourite videos.

Sky’s the Limit is a 10-episode series that combines three unscripted genres: travel, documentary, and competition. Three influencers, with the help of their peers and partners, will help judge potential candidates — doing this while travelling and creating their own content. They’ll each pick one finalist to mentor, giving them tips on how to create engaging content for the audience to judge. One winner will receive a cash prize to help launch his or her travel video career.

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Work Play Vacay

Canadian YouTube vlogger Paula Hlavacek travels to Australia to discover interesting tourist attractions and unique jobs in tourism.

Each episode features Paula learning about some of the well-known — and lesser-known — tourist attractions. She hopes to meet travellers and locals who help make the local tourism industry a success. Combining participation journalism and travel entertainment, Work Play Vacay will show what it takes to be a part of Australia’s growing tourism industry.

With some luck, we’ll get Paula to try out a tourism job or two in between her travels. Paula’s specialty is finding some of the more unusual travel activities in the area so expect some thrills and fun.

Work Play Vacay – Australia

After shooting season one in July 2017, episodes of Work Play Vacay can now be viewed on YouTube.

From the beach to the hinterland, Work Play Vacay is different from typical travel shows by putting the audience behind the scenes in the tourism industry.

Please contact us at to learn how your destination can be featured in our future episodes.

Work Play Vacay can be viewed here.

Find out if Paula is brave enough to try the trapeze for the first time:


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World School

Every year, thousands of Canadian teachers make an important decision in their careers and personal lives. They head overseas to teach at Canadian-style schools, even if it means sacrificing relationships and job opportunities at home. Why do they do it? What kinds of adventures do they encounter along the way? Will they survive their new surroundings?

World School travels to Malaysia to follow the story of a group of Canadian school teachers who teach at a Canadian-style high school in Kuala Lumpur. After their first year overseas, we find out who didn’t make it to the end, who made the most of their assignment, and who’s ready to stay for longer.

This documentary began production in April 2017 is expected to be completed by Spring 2019.



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Based in Vancouver, Canada, CrowdShot Media produces original travel content for international distribution. CrowdShot Media was founded in 2017 by award-winning journalist Reg Romero, who saw an opportunity combining ‘participation’ journalism with travel entertainment.  Reg is currently developing two factual series for broadcast. Contact us at