Kangaroo Creek

Kangaroo Creek Farms is the “accidental” tourist destination.

Located in British Columbia’s scenic Okanagan, this family business does not do paid advertising, yet the strength of word-of-mouth and positive reviews brings in over 100,000 visitors from March to September every year. It began in 2011 with only 2,000 visitors.

Now out of land and out of parking to expand, they’ve made a move to new property four times larger. In 2020, they open the new and improved Kangaroo Creek Farms.

Kangaroo Creek follows the adventures of couple Caroline MacPherson and Greg Wightman, who fell into the tourism business by importing a handful of kangaroos that were destined for slaughter.

Those initial 10 roos now number more than 50, making their unique “petting” zoo the only one of its kind in Canada.

Along with an eclectic cast of staff, Kangaroo Creek features the heartbreak and happiness of breeding and raising exotic animals who have become part of the family.

For broadcasters, Kangaroo Creek is factual content for wide audience viewing. One look at the baby kangaroos (joeys) being hand-raised in the family house is enough “cute factor” to win anyone over.

Kangaroo Creek is currently in development.

Format: 10 x 22 episodic series