Kangaroo Creek

What started as a kangaroo rescue has now become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kelowna, B.C. Kangaroo Creek is the story of a family who turned a handful of kangaroos rescued from Down Under into a petting zoo for children. Before long, word spread about the kangaroos and they attracted visitors from around the world.

By adding other animals like goats and ostriches, Kangaroo Creek Farm became so successful as a business that in 2019 it was forced to move to a larger location away from the suburban homes that surrounded it. Then COVID-19 arrived and it looked liked the end of the road. Discussions were held about putting the farm up for sale. How did they survive through the pandemic?

Kangaroo Creek is a family-friendly documentary about the joys and challenges of running a popular tourist attraction. And how kangaroos became the star attraction.

Format: 1-hour documentary, currently in development